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 ​A few years ago I was living in fear of the future and stewing in bad memories from the past.

It made me feel like I couldn't get anywhere in the present. My life was like a dark tunnel that I couldn't escape from. I had a lot of bad memories that kept bothering me. My problems seemed overwhelming.

Then I found my "portal to the present" — a way to let go of the bad feelings of the past, and to stay out of worrying about the future. And that way was FasterEFT. In my first encounter with it, I completely let go of my fear of water. It was so immediate I ran and jumped into a swiimming pool! The shallow end of course; I knew I couldn't swim! It was great! And it was just the beginning.

Since then I haven't looked back. I have found my happy times... in the present moment!

Learning to live in the present has released my joy and I want to share it with you!



Want to leave your past behind and have a better quality of life?

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Clara Cuesta

Certified Level 4 Eutaptics Practitioner | ​FEFT A-1296 | Philadelphia, United State